State Chemical Solutions: Green Cleaning Experts

State Chemical Solutions | State Industrial ProductsThis division of State Industrial Products has been helping customers “CARE FOR WORK ENVIRONMENTS®” by offering over one thousand cleaning and maintenance programs and products for institutional, industrial and commercial markets. State Chemical Solutions continues to set industry standards in conventional and green program and product development, service and innovation.


State Chemical is committed to going green. Incorporating sustainable products, services and practices into your facility operations means meeting your present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Green certified products reduce health and environmental impacts—making it safe for not only our earth, but your people. With its full line of Ecolution® products that are Ecologo®, Green Seal™, and EPA Safer Choice certified, State makes it easy for a facility to make the first step towards sustainability.


Beyond quality maintenance and cleaning products, State Chemical Solutions is devoted to providing a comprehensive service. Its Circle of Service includes:The Circle of Service | State Industrial Products

  1. Completing facility survey to help understand the day-to-day operation of your organization
  2. Analyze the survey data to determine the best possible program
  3. Personally install any necessary equipment to implement the determined solution
  4. Initially train all parties involved and train new employees as needed
  5. Continuously service existing systems to ensure product satisfaction and adequate inventory levels.

Products and services

The cleaning product lines for State Chemical includes general housekeeping and green housekeeping surfactants, floor care washes and restorers, tough food preparation degreasers, hand washes and sanitizers, industrial bulk cleaners, institutional laundry detergents, bleaches and brighteners, restroom toilet bowl and urinal cleaners and dilutable green truck and car washes. Maintenance item types include floor wax and strippers, drain maintainers and openers, ground specialty items, insecticides, herbicides, industrial lubricants, restroom odor eliminators, waste water/sewer maintenance supplies and water treatment products for boilers, chillers and cooling towers.

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