State Cleaning Solutions: Your Clear Results Partner™

State Cleaning Solutions | State Industrial Products State Cleaning Solutions was formed by State Industrial Products in 2007. Since then, they have been serving commercial customers in hospitality, healthcare, food service and institutional markets all over the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico with their warewashing, laundry and housekeeping needs.

State Cleaning Solutions is known for its guaranteed Clear Results. To perfect your washing needs, they offer:

  • Dishwashing machine leasing and service programs,
  • High quality, concentrated warewash, laundry and cleaning products,
  • Personal account representatives trained to help you with tough cleaning challenges, and
  • Prompt, knowledgeable and courteous service.


Costs and turn times are critical when rooms need to be cleaned. That’s why State Cleaning provides easy­use, controlled dilution, green product solutions for housekeeping and laundry, so your employees can clean quickly — and effectively.


As your partner in compliance, State Cleaning provides specially formulated dietary, laundry and housekeeping products and solutions to ensure the sanitation that is so critical for state inspections.

Food service

Customers like utensils to sparkle and glasses to shine, but above all, they want to know that the dishes they eat off and forks they use are clean and sanitary. With a State Cleaning warewashing program you know you’re always using the best.


Whether at kindergarten or university, students — and parents — expect a clean, safe environment. State Cleaning Solutions help schools and other institutions stay clean with products for all their dietary cleaning and sanitation needs.

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